about e.g.


Our name e.g. is a combination of our initials and coincidentally the abbreviation for the Latin phrase “exempli gratia” or “for example.” 


Elisa has an educational and professional background in communications, marketing, design, academia, and human resources. She also studied editing at the University of Chicago Graham School of General Studies. A Certified Professional Résumé Writer, she has created résumés and CVs for numerous clients, including medical professionals, executives, marketers, engineers, CPAs, teachers, cosmetologists, PhDs, training managers, and sales executives. Throughout her career, Elisa has developed print and online marketing content and collateral, newsletters, training programs, and business plans for Fortune 500 companies, universities, and multiple small businesses.


Nicole studied creative and non-fiction writing at Columbia College Chicago and Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland. She has experience writing, editing, and creating web content for business and academia. Nicole’s expertise and personal interests include public relations, internet communication, photography, and digital organization.