New Year – New Resolve

January 6, 2014 by edotgdot

Statistic Brain found that only 8 percent of us keep our new year’s resolution.

You know the drill. We get geared up to make it happen, but we are so focused on the end result that when we don’t see immediate results we feel let down. Disappointed, deflated, burned out. You name it. We are affixed on that hard-and-fast goal instead of enjoying the process itself.

So instead of making a resolution this year, do this instead advises Chris Brogran, founder and CEO of Human Business Works, and a prolific author on the topics of social media, customer engagement and behavioral psychology.

Choose three powerful words and build a system around the words.

Brogan explains it like this:

“Create three guiding words and use these as representations of three major focuses for the coming year. The concept is simple enough: think of three words that sum up what you want to change or work towards in the coming year. Instead of a goal like “lose weight” or a better goal like “lose 30 pounds in the next year,” you might choose a word like “green” to represent an overall commitment to having more plant-based foods in your life, and to restore your body to a more natural state. See the difference? As an example, in 2006, I chose Ask. Do. Share. It was easy, and yet, the effort of maintaining a focus on what I wanted from those three words gave me tons of success.”

The second step is to build a system around your words. If  your goal is to write a novel, then create a writing schedule and stick to it. The same goes for working out, meditating, getting a new job, applying for school.

Commit to doing one thing each day that will take you closer to where you want to be. And remember to enjoy the ride––it’s the journey, not the destination.