‘OWL’ you need for correct citations

August 1, 2011 by edotgdot

First of all, my apologies for that pun.  But it’s nearly impossible to get excited about reference formatting, right?  Often that’s the last thing anyone working on a paper wants to think about.

There’s a great resource online at the Purdue OWL website.  OWL in this case is the ‘Online Writing Lab’ at Purdue University, and they have a wealth of online materials for writing in the correct citation style.  Beyond that, they have grammar exercises for ESL speakers, commonly misused English words and phrases, and even resources for teachers and students.  Purdue OWL is in an easy to navigate, searchable format that makes it a go-to for general formatting questions. Take a look!

This OWL is no feathery birdbrain.  Do you need MLA? APA? Chicago style? Or even AP style?  Before you go out and buy every available manual, visit OWL and see if you can get your questioned answered there.  You’ll want to bookmark it for any and all academic writing projects.  (And hey, if you REALLY love them, make a charitable contribution as a thanks for their great free resources and helpful hints).

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