Résumé FAQ – How Many Pages?

September 14, 2011 by edotgdot

Can your résumé be more than one page?


Yes. First, consider that your résumé should be succinct and easy-to-read so that the hiring manager can glance at your résumé and get a sense of you, your work history, interests, and skills in a matter of seconds. If  you are applying to an MBA program or if you want to adhere to the Harvard Business School format, then stick to a one-pager. And if you a job seeker that can keep your experience onto one page and manage for it to be an effective sales tool, then kudos to you because you should be concise. But there are some job candidates who just have more experience or a diverse background, and all of that information simply cannot fit onto one 8.5 X 11″ sheet of paper? Then you should make your résumé two pages. The two-page résumé is widely accepted nowadays, but career experts advise to never extend beyond the two-page limit.


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