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August 23, 2011 by edotgdot

The fact and the fact that…


While editing academic papers, many writers use the phrase the fact or the fact that. Does this phrase drive the point home or make the writing seem stronger? The locution the fact or the fact that can be omitted more often than not. Furthermore, The Careful Writer explains that it can be a loaded phrase: the author may not be stating a fact, but is simply offering her opinion or making an assertion. Here is an example of when this phrase is unnecessary:

The author argued the fact that The Great Chicago Fire was a catalyst to the city’s economic development.

The phrase, however, can not be completely excluded from your work:

Jim Hendry did not relish the fact that he was fired by the Chicago Cubs.

The fact is that Eliminating nonessential words or phrases will ultimately make your writing more powerful.

Sources: The Careful Writer

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